Games Station is a game development studio based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Our mission is to develop quality mobile video games that generate great and lasting emotions and entertainment achieving excellent user experience for everyone.

We started developing video games during 2015 , creating small casual games for Android. In mid-2016, after launching many casual games, we changed our business model and dived into the creation of games with heavier content and better quality, beginning the development of Grow Empire: Rome. In October 2017 we globally launched Grow Empire: Rome on Android, and its success exceeded our highest expectations.


Grow Empire: Romeʼs success confirmed that we had chosen the correct path, and that prioritizing user experience and product quality would be key to assure optimal results. Grow Empire: Romeʼs high performance allowed us to augment our work team, and organize and restructure our company to meet our higher expectations for product quality.

On April 2018 we created a new development cell and began fleshing out our next project (which is still under development). It contains greater content than its forerunner, substantial improvement in graphics and exciting multiplayer functions.

On September 2019 we moved our offices to accommodate our growing team and improve the sophistication of its working methods, complying with our growing expectations of superb product quality and excellent user experience.


Buenos Aires – Argentina 2020